Terms of guarantee

Unique in the oldtimer/youngtimer world: 1 year guarantee on all of our cars

  1. On every car you buy at Only Cabrios at our asking price, 1 year guarantee is included on the technique, that is motor and gearbox, unless otherwise mentioned in the insert text (like with a restoration project, on which we do not give a guarantee of course)
  2. The owner of Only Cabrios selects all cars which are in his collection by himself. Only Cabrios believes in her products, and shows this by giving you 1 year guarantee if you pay our asking price. That is unique in the youngtimer/oldtimer business, where car are (almost) never sold with any guarantee. We do give this guarantee. That is in your advantage: with a guarantee you have certainty that you buy a good car. This is a fine thought for our clients!
  3. This guarantee of 1 year start on the day of delivery of the car.
  4. Terms of this guarantee right are the following:
    • No use of the car on the circuit, no rallye use, no races, otherwise the guarantee is directly ended.
    • No technical of optical changes must be done on the car after delivery, otherwise the guarantee is directly ended.
    • No use of the car by third parties other than the buyer, otherwise the guarantee is directly ended.
    • No use of the car as rental car, leasing car, or any other third party use for commercial purposes, otherwise the guarantee is directly ended.
    • The guarantee right only holds for the purchaser, and will end directly when the vehicle is sold by the purchaser to any other person or company.
  5. In case of a guarantee situation, the way of working is exclusively this:
    • If you think you have a right on guarantee, u report this in writing at Only Cabrios on our e-mail address info@onlycabrios.nl.
    • Only Cabrios will then check if your right of guarantee is applicable in the case you report, looking at all technical details of the car.
    • If Only Cabrios diagnoses that you have a right of guarantee in this case, Only Cabrios repairs the car on her costs. This is done only in the garage of Only Cabrios.
    • If you are in a foreign country in a guarantee case, then repatriation and transport of your vehicle to Only Cabrios is on your own costs, so always arrange a good insurance for transport to your home country or to us if you travel with an oldtimer/youngtimer. It is not a new car, so please change your mindset and be prepared!
    • The car can not be repaired in another garage on the costs of Only Cabrios! If you let another garage or person repair the car without written approval of Only Cabrios and you claim the invoice of that other garage or person at Only Cabrios, your guarantee is directly ended.
    • If you would get a written approval of Only Cabrios to have your car repaired by another garage, you only get a payment for the height of the costs that would have been made by us if we would do the repair for you. So the three times higher extreme prices of an Italian or Greek garage will not be paid by us. Calculate with this if you decide to go abroad.
    • We are an honest garage, and we always assume a good consideration between supplier and consumer, also in case of a guarantee. This always leads to a solution. That is our simple way of working.
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