Our restored cars

Only Cabrios realised a complete restauration of a very popular BMW 325i convertible E30 in the original zobelbraun colour for a Norwegian client: his father had the same car.

The technical part of the restauration was professionally done by BMW dealership Bert Story Waardenburg in Holland: they have lots of experience on the E30 models and other classical BMWs. Result is a marvellously running 170 bhp 6-cylinder BMW 325i motor. Also air conditioning, braking technique, M-Sportfahrwerk, and body work has been done by BMW Bert Story. Together with another specialist, CJ Autobekleding Culemborg, we brought the original beige leather interior in as new condition and mounted a completely new pearl beige softtop in original BMW quality. The 14 inch original BMW cork rims (with new winter tyres on special request of the Scandinavian client) and the 15 inch original BMW honey style sport rims (summer tyres in 205 55 15 which is M specification) were treated, and perfectionised by Supervelg in Drunen, Holland for our client.

All other work was done by Only Cabrios, from mounting of an original classic BMW Bavaria car radio to all mounting and dismounting work for the restauration, new steering wheel M-Tech II, and the complete management of the project for the client (within the budgets and time frame we projected!), Etc.

The result that you will see on the last pictures, is exquisite and our Norwegian client is beyond happiness with this beautifully restored BMW E30 325i convertible which looks and runs like new, according to the older BMW mechanics who did deliver these BMW E30s at the time they were introduced in the 1980s! This restored BMW E30 is pure sportscar enjoyment for the BMW 6-cylinder E30 lovers!

Also this winter of 2015/2016 Only Cabrios restores a big project for a client: a beautiful original Alpina C2 2,7 E30 convertible, very rare and only 44 cars produced in this version. Car is from the year 1987 with the original Alpina tuned motor and is not only much better as driver’s car than an M3 E30, but also stronger because the M3 only has 4 cylinders and 200 bhp (without catalyst that is), and the Alpina C2 2,7 210 bhp and this one drives incredibly relaxed and extremely sporty at a time!

Our client who bought this Alpina C2 2,7 E30 convertible at us, completely agreed and was flabbergasted by the power and handling of this superb E30 model. He ordered her immediately even during the test drive it was already sold, including this restoration project we are now executing for him.

In the first place we stripped the Alpina completely for him and brought the remainings to the body specialist, who optimised the complete body at a lot of places, did an anti-rust treatment all over (inside and outside, bottom, etc.), and then professionally sprayed this whole car, including the anti-gravel paint at the lower side parts of the car. The body looks like she run out of the factory in 1987, really as new. This costs a little money, but we go for quality and she turns out to be marvellous in this restored body.

In the meantime we teared down the whole motor block and cleaned plus treated all motor parts in the de-greasing machine and sandblaster machine where necessary and the result is stunning. Also the front and rear axles are restored, with many new parts and brought in top condition again. Drive shafts, many rubbers, motor supports, tie rods, etc., all is being worked upon and renewed where necessary.

Also the brakes are renewed: special stronger Alpina braking produced by Girling is standard on this vehicle, but not available anymore at Alpina or BMW. After a lot of searching we found out that these brakes were also mounted on a Mercedes-Benz W124 250D, and this turned out to be right, and…………….available on the market (thanks to the big amount of those cars still around today!).

With the clutch the same situation: the pressure Group was not available anymore at Alpina or BMW, but with a lot of worldwide searching we found through Ebay deep in Germany a private guy who offered a clutch pressure group of BMW which looked a lot like the one we were searching for but the photos were so bad that we were not sure. At 100 euros we decided to take the gamble and……….the right clutch pressure group arrived at Only Cabrios, in as new condition. This was a big step forward in the total project so we are now facing the further mounting of all electric parts and the interior plus convertible softtop in the coming months to end this fantastic project for the real discovering people who experience this like a car builders’ dream for BMW/Alpina fanatics like you and us this is really a big enthusiasm project to realise! We love it!

Enjoy the photos of this Alpina C2 2,7 convertible project!

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